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First Yoga Squad visit

All new members must fill out the Yoga Squad Registration Form to participate in any classes. These forms can be found online.

All of our Yoga Squad teachers are fully trained and insured to give you the best and safest teaching. We do ask that you take responsibility for your own health. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself.

YAMA explains the principles of ethical behaviour that we should follow in everyday life. The Yamas provide a source of guidance on teacher-student relationships.

‘AHIMSA’ meaning non hurting and non violence. Pain is a warning and should not be ignored.

At Yoga Squad we ask that you let us know of any health issues prior to the class starting. Please inform us of any injuries, sickness, high or low blood pressure and pregnancy.

If you are brand new to yoga it is inadvisable to participate during the first trimester of pregnancy. Unless by special arrangement with your teacher. It is also recommended to wait at least six weeks after birth to practice again.

What to wear

At Yoga Squad we advise our members to wear comfortable and form fitting clothing that won’t interfere with movement when practicing.

We recommend sports vest tops that are dry-fit fabrics when taking part in hot yoga. Pure cotton can trap sweat making the material feel very heavy. We recommend shorts or leggings for yoga.

We also advise T-shirts when participating in Aerial Yoga to prevent the hammock rubbing directly on the skin.

What to bring

At Yoga Squad we provide the mats but feel free to bring your own. Hot yoga can get very sweaty so please bring an anti slip yoga towel. It is important to stay hydrated so we recommend bringing some water, if you forget, water can be purchased at the Coffee Mill.

Arrive early

Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the class so we can register everybody and start safely on time. It is particularly important to arrive early for Aerial classes so everybody can be set up correctly from the start.

Yoga Squad will register participants with an Ipod before the class so please aim to get there at least 5 minutes before the start. Spaces will be given to members on the wait-list if there are no shows or late cancelations.

Doors to the studio will be locked while the classes are running.

How can I tell what classes to go to and which classes are which?

Yoga Squad have a full description of all our classes on our website. We recommend the beginners classes to participants brand new to Yoga. We also advise beginners to try our Hatha classes before our Hot Power classes. All our classes are for ‘all levels’ so you can have control within your practice. We are an inclusive studio and offer higher and lower options throughout each practice.

Is Aerial Yoga safe?

While every workout carries some degree of risk, and each participant is different in their level of conditioning and experience, Aerial is very safe. All our instructors are fully trained by a recognised Yoga Alliance. We have given great attention to the structure and rigging of each of the hammocks to ensure safe practice.

Do I need a mat?

Yoga Squad provides mats at our venue but you’re encouraged to bring your own. We recommend you bring a yoga towel with grip for our hot yoga classes.

Do I need to have really strong upper body strength to take part?

Building upper body strength is a benefit when practice Aerial Yoga. However, it is not required when getting started. Yoga Squad instructors are able to cater the class depending on individuals abilities. With regular participation you will improve your strength and confidence in the hammock.

What if I’m not very flexible?

You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga, you will stretch to the maximum of your own ability, without causing injury. Your flexibility will improve with more practice.

How hot is it and what are the benefits of hot yoga?

Our hot yoga classes are set to 37 degrees. The heat helps you perform at its optimum level. Often associated with bikram yoga, hot yoga can increase flexibility within the poses. It can make muscles, ligaments and tendons very elasticised, allowing for increased movement and nerve realignment.

Can dynamic and power flow help me lose weight?

Yes! Due to the heated room and cardiovascular style of dynamic flow, it is an excellent way to lose weight by burning up your body fat as fuel. With regular yoga practice you can also increase your fitness stamina and posture.

What should I expect from my first hot yoga class?

Expect to sweat a lot, we advise Individuals to stay for the whole class and take regular breaks in child’s pose when needed. We also advise regular small sips of water to stay hydrated.

Should I eat before?

We advise you not to eat 2 hours before a class and stay well hydrated.

I am on medication can I still take part?

We advise Individuals to seek advice from your GP before starting a new program.

I have old injuries in my knees and back, will yoga help?

Yoga can be very beneficial to the body and can often help injuries. Please let our teachers know of any previous injuries before the class so we can adapt any poses.

How often should I take part?

The more you practice at Yoga Squad the quicker you will improve and see results.

How long are classes?

Our classes at Yoga Squad vary from 30, 45 and 60 minutes, some Vinyasa classes can be 90 minutes to 120 minutes long. We will update our timetable of any changes.

Are there any etiquette rules for yoga?

Yes please try and arrive 10 minutes before a class particularly Aerial classes. We ask that all mobile phones are switched off so that you can fully absorb yourself in the practice.

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